Tools & More. . .
We offer a complete line of tools, many of which are our own design.  Click here to download a trowel price list.

Click here for a short video showing our tools at work.  Everything you see in the video, we sell.

Click pictures for close up view


Tools for Pebble applications (click for pump and accessories price list)

Booster pump with manifold to run up to seven spray wands

Three spray wand head configurations

Macalite No-Burn pool plastering trowels (click for all trowel pricing)

Swimming pool trowels

Square finishing trowels

Blue steel swimming pool trowels

Step tools (four inside and outside radius tools, 3/4", 1", 1 1/2" and 2")

Plaster/grout hose (Goodyear) with cam lock fittings (hose price list)

Pool footwear (white boots, spike plates, bucket board, sponges)

Water and scrub brushes