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On a Truck, Trailer, Wheels or Skid,

Our Mortar Mixers & Plaster Mixers are Built to Last
Regardless of how you configure your plaster mixer or mortar mixer, there are lots of reasons to choose Hydra-Flow:

Mixer is hydraulic: no gear box, drive belt or clutch.

Mixer has forward and reverse, and an adjustable paddle speed.

Offered as a right-hand or left-hand pull.

Hinged cowl for easy engine access.

By-pass system automatically stops the mixer when a stone jams a blade, allowing the operator to reverse direction and resume mixing.  Avoid breaking sheer pins. . .or worse.

New redesigned tub bearings and seals.

Tub locks for safe towing.

Heavy-gauge steel used throughout.

Heavy duty hubs and axle

15" tires and wheels

Mortar mixers and plaster mixers are available in 8, 10, 13 and 16cubic foot capacities and with 14HP Honda engines.

Pool plastering mixers are available in 13 and 16 cubic foot capacities and with a 18HP Vanguard engine with electric start.


Six cubic foot wheel barrow

Mud tub

Block cart

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The headline from our ad 35

years ago reads: "Introducing

the most advanced mixer in

the world."


All those years and all the im-

provements we've made and

one thing has stayed the same,

it's still the most advanced

mixer in the world!